Where to Watch ‘Karen’ Movie 2021

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Sorry to anyone named Karen — this thriller is not for you. Karen is a new dramedy based entirely on the “Karen” concept from social media, starring Taryn Manning. As defined by The Guardian, a Karen is a “white woman surveilling and patrolling Black people in public spaces and then calling the police on them for random, non-illegal infractions.” And that’s exactly what Karen is all about. This story is full of thrills. If you’re looking for a controversial film to watch this week, we’ve got everything you need in order to watch Karen.

Karen follows a racist woman who makes it her personal mission to make her Black next-door neighbors move out. Karen intensifies her fight against the neighbors. They quarrel back with plenty online activism, and a flood of support from everyone else. Fans of Get Out, Them, or any similar horrors will most likely enjoy this flick — though it only stands at 17 percent on Rotten Tomatoes.

Ready to stream Karen? Here’s everything you need to know about where to watch the thriller movie.

Is Karen streaming on Netflix or HBO Max?

No. Karen isn’t streaming on Netflix or HBO Max quite yet, but that could change in the months to come.

Is Karen available to watch on any streaming services?

No. Karen is, however, available to stream at home. Continue reading to learn how you can stream this thriller from your home.

Is Karen available to rent, or buy on VOD? Where to watch Karen online:

Yes! You can watch Karen online. It’s available to rent from $3.99 and purchase from $9.99 at Vudu, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, iTunes, or Microsoft Store.

Is there a trailer for Karen?

Yes. Scroll up to watch the trailer for Karen.

Where to watch Karen

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