Why college hoops teams want Taylor Swift at their games

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There is a fierce campaign going on in Rhode Island’s capital.

(And, no, late great Mayor Buddy Cianci isn’t somehow running for mayor again.)

The students at Providence College and citizens from the greater Renaissance City area are lobbying for Taylor Swift to attend the men’s basketball team’s last home game Saturday night, when the Friars take on Creighton at the Dunkin’ Donuts Center.

Near the city was erected a billboard that read “Northbound and Southbound Route 95” “@TaylorSwift13. Dunk, Saturday, You in?”

Many students are also part of the college’s social media accounts and the 12,400-seat arena affectionately called “The Campus.” “The Dunk,”They have turned to Twitter to attract the “Shake It Off”singer to the Big East matchup

It’s unclear if Swift, 32, who has a house in Watch Hill, Rhode Island, can even hit a layup or knows the first thing about hoops, but she is something of a totem for the 11th ranked Friars.

As the team — led by veteran players and Coach Ed Cooley, who is so awesome that when he split his pants during the 2018 Big East tournament final he tucked a Gatorade towel in his trousers and kept coaching — have battled their way to a 23-3 record, Swift’s music has put some extra wind in their sails.

Her 2009 hit “You Belong With Me” has become the anthem for the squad and the raucous student section, as they’ve gone viral for belting it out in unison. The arena has been buzzing with energy since the introduction of this interlude.

Sure, but only on a scale of 1 to “Jump Around,”This song has very low natural pump up currency. But, that all changed in December when three girls performed it. “Swifties,” who are juniors at the school, asked the Dunk’s DJ to play “You Belong With Me,”According to the Boston Globe.

Mason Santos aka DJ Finesse reluctantly played the tune. It slowly gained steam within the building. It reached a crescendo during DePaul’s matchup on February 12. More students requested it. He played it late in the game, sending the entire section into a tizzy, and it garnered comparisons to the Red Sox’s “Sweet Caroline” tradition.

Since then, the upbeat song has been a highlight in the game day playlist.

Swift’s rep has not returned an e-mail for comment on her part in the Friars’ season nor on the invitation. Swift, Cooley, Friar Dom, would make an incredulous holy trinity.

And if the artist isn’t getting the message, perhaps PC alum Doris Burke, can tap Drake, who has publicly crushed on the ESPN analyst to ask his friend Taylor to perform at the school when they win the national championship. (Hey, I’m a biased alum.) Those three girls should be in the front row.

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