Willem Dafoe felt ‘social in a weird way’ on ‘Inside’ movie set

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Willem Dafoe wasn’t lonesome on the set of his latest movie, “Inside,” despite being the only actor on set for nearly the entire film.

“The crew’s there, so yes in the pretending, but as far as the actual making of the film I wasn’t lonely,” the actor, 67, told Page Six exclusively at the film’s New York premiere earlier this week at the Metrograph.

In the thriller, Dafoe plays a high-end art thief who becomes trapped in a high-tech penthouse in Times Square. After a heist goes pear-shaped, Dafoe’s character is forced to use all his cunning and smarts to survive.

The Oscar-nominated actor explained that he became especially “close to all the departments because you’re the only person and you’re really an extension of everything.”

“An extension of the set, an extension of props, an extension of the lights, so I felt like there was a profound collaboration with all the departments so I felt very social in a weird way even though I’m pretending to be alone,” he added.

Dafoe plays a high-end art thief in “Inside.”©Focus Features/Courtesy Everett Collection

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And despite being in this complex thriller, Dafoe is still hanging out to play another comic book bad guy.

Earlier this week, the “Platoon” star shared that, even though he’s played the Green Goblin in the “Spider-Man” movies, he’s still eager to portray another supervillain: Batman’s arch-enemy, The Joker.

Dafoe told Jimmy Fallon on “The Tonight Show” that he’d like to play an “imposter” version of the snickering villain — “like slipstreaming his thing.”

Dafoe has been nominated for an Oscar four times.Getty Images

Perhaps Dafoe chatted about the idea with the current “Batman” actor, Robert Pattinson, who also attended the screening with his girlfriend, Suki Waterhouse.

The couple managed to evade photographers on the red carpet by slipping in and quickly going upstairs.

The media-shy couple only made their red-carpet debut in December 2022 after dating for four years.

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