Women flock to Chase Stokes at Miami club, ‘Outer Banks.’

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He must be happy.

Hordes of women were spotted trying to get on Chase Stokes’ radar as he partied with his “Outer Banks” co-stars at Miami megaclub E11even on New Year’s Day following his breakup from Madelyn Cline.

“Girls were trying to get to [Stokes] to party with him and his castmates in the DJ booth and at their table,”Page Six was informed by an insider, that Stokes, 29, Jonathan Daviss (Madison Bailey) and her girlfriend Mariah Linney (Mariah Linney) were among the victims. “drank champagne all night, and [Stokes] was seen with a bottle in his hand while in the booth.”

Stokes seemed to be the one who was lusting after many women, but he had a greater appetite for late-night bites.

Page Six was told by another source that the actor had been in a relationship with a woman. “huge order”As they danced until 3 AM, the group was served burgers and fries.

Just days prior to Saturday night’s outing with the crew, Stokes was spotted vigorously making out with a mystery woman at a bar in Orlando, Fla.

She was later identified as 22-year-old Val Bragg after taking to TikTok to shut down trolls who had accused of being the reason behind Stokes’ breakup from Cline.

“I’ve been getting so many hate comments and DMs and people just calling me a home-wrecker and telling me that I’m the reason why Chase and his ex broke up, and that’s not true whatsoever,”Bragg stated this in her video. “As far as I’m concerned, they’re both single. They’ve been single for, like, over a month or so.”

She said that the kiss was a surprise. “literally just two drunk people making out” and that she and the Netflix star aren’t dating.

Stokes also hit the beach with co-stars including Madison Bailey while in /

Page Six confirmed in November that Stokes and Cline had split after more than a decade of dating.

At the time, an insider informed us that “things got rocky between Chase and Madelyn in September, and they were openly talking to friends about the breakup by October.”

After meeting during Season 1, the two exes began dating in April 2020. He plays John B. Routledge, and she plays Sarah Cameron.

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