‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 Episode 4: “Winning Or Learning”

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Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 4 “Winning Or Learning,”The Dutton family is talking a lot. From John Dutton’s (Kevin Costner) gently counseling Kayce Dutton (Luke Grimes) to help Monica (Kelsey Asbille) and Tate (Brecken Merrill) heal to Rip Wheeler’s (Cole Hauser) tough love speech to Carter (Finn Little) about making the most of his second chance at the Yellowstone (“Life is a lesson, boy—one lesson—but you’ve got to look to learn them and you ain’t fucking looking.”), co-creator/writer/star Taylor Sheridan’s lean, but impactful dialogue really shines in this thoughtful episode.

After some convincing from John, Kayce seeks Jamie’s help in finding out the identity of the man who ordered the attacks on the Duttons. Jamie (Wes Bentley), now settled on his ranch, feels like he can live independently, with Garrett Randall, Will Patton, by his side. After a delicious meal prepared by Teeter, Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly), goes to dance with Caroline Warner (the devil). Tensions flare in the bunkhouse. Walker (Ryan Bingham) and Lloyd (Forrie J. Smith). Mia (Eden Brolin), who is leaving the ranch for rodeo season, meets Jimmy (Jefferson White), Travis (Sheridan), and they go to the Four Sixes ranch. Also, Beth and Rip enjoy a sweet moment when Beth uses Rip’s birthday to have just another reason to celebrate him (let’s make September 28th a national holiday!). The Duttons’ peace is threatened once again when Jamie makes a disturbing discovery. SPOILERS BEFORE.

Let’s break down the 5 most important moments from Episode 4 that will have repercussions throughout the rest of the season.


Fans love nothing more than to watch Beth Dutton go up against a formidable foe, and she’s found one in Market Equities CEO Caroline Warner (Jackie Weaver). Beth is seated with three olives and a double tiptoe. Caroline tells Beth calmly. “I came up at a time where the corporate ladder was greased to keep women off it. I climbed it anyway, stepping over some little bitch like you on every rung. The big dog is off the porch now, Beth, and I will tear you to fucking pieces.” Yikes!

Caroline gives Beth two options: they can go to war and she’ll launch an SEC investigation into Beth for market manipulation and insider trading or they can find common ground. Beth tells Caroline that she will do anything to protect her father’s land: “His dream is my Alamo and I will die on the fucking wall defending it.”Caroline makes Caroline an offer. “Come and work for us and I’ll help you defend it. You’re a corporate raider; come and raid for Market Equities.”Caroline wants Beth help her to commodify Montana and make it more profitable for her. She challenges Beth to a bold challenge: “You want to save your ranch? Find me something better. Build me Aspen. Build me Breckenridge. I want a destination town in every valley of Montana.” In return, all Beth wants is Caroline’s controlling piece of Schwartz & Meyer so she can take her revenge on her former mentor, Bob Schwartz (Michael Nouri). You might think that this is a simple question. We’ll see how this uneasy alliance turns out as the season progresses.


John tells Kayce to ask Jamie for Riggins’ prison records and set up an interview between Kayce, Riggins and the Sheriff to test Jamie’s loyalty. John believes that Jamie won’t stall or resist if they get their answer. Kayce dutifully goes to Jamie’s Attorney General office. Kayce is the only Dutton to believe Jamie innocent, but he still visits with many questions. Jamie is initially cautious with Kayce but eventually accepts that he will come in peace.

Jamie reveals to Kayce that while he hasn’t contacted the Duttons, he has been working hard to protect them. Jamie was responsible for police protection for John during his two-month hospital stay, and he was the also the reason there was no investigation into the Duttons’ bloody retaliation against the militia. Jamie explains it all. “I couldn’t visit. I couldn’t call. That would be labelled collusion and everything I swept under the rug would be out on the fucking floor for the whole world to see.”

When Kayce asks for Riggins’ prison records and a chance to talk to him, Jamie doesn’t hesitate to help. However, he insists on doing things according to the book and agrees that he will interview Riggins himself as Attorney General. After months of questioning, the Duttons can now be certain that Jamie didn’t order the attacks.


After months of animosity towards each other due to the fact that Walker stole Lloyd’s girl, barrel racer Laramie (Hassie Harrison), tensions between Rip’s right-hand man and the rascally musician finally came to a head. Rip and John confronted Lloyd over their disagreements about how to manage the spread of pinkeye in their cattle. Lloyd was also reprimanded for his decision to allow the affected cattle to be treated in the arena. Lloyd ignored Walker’s advice to treat the cattle in the field.

As Lloyd sulked in his bunk, Walker brought over a bowl of Teeter’s special stew as a peace offering. Instead of accepting Lloyd’s meal and making friends, Lloyd kicked Walker and they began to fight. Fans know that Rip has an unwritten rule about fighting in the bunkhouse. Rip had Lloyd knocked out by Rip to teach him a lesson. Something tell us this quarrel between Lloyd and Walker isn’t over…


Yellowstone lovers know that Jimmy still has much to learn. Jimmy and Travis discuss Road House late at night as they make their way to the Four Sixes ranch. Travis says that he has a lot of growing up to do. “wanted to be Sam Elliott with Patrick Swayze’s hair.” After Travis gives Jimmy some grooming tips, he asks about Jimmy’s love for the rodeo. When Jimmy reveals he only does rodeo for the lights and the cheers from the crowd, not for the horses, because he’s scared of them. Travis shares some great advice. “To be any good at this game—ranching, rodeo, show horses—you gotta do it for the horse, right? Where you’re going, a horse is your only fucking friend, and you two are gonna have to figure it the fuck out. That’s all cowboying is. It’s you and the horse doing a job, trying like hell not to let the other down.”

Travis warns Jimmy: “I’ll say this. When the Sixes is done with you, you will either spend the rest of your life on horseback or you will never get on another one.”Jimmy listens to his warning and they arrive at the Four Sixes ranch before he realizes it. This is Jimmy’s last appearance before the upcoming Yellowstone spinoff 6666. Only time will tell.


Garrett Randall, Jamie’s biological father, which also explains why Jamie was the only Dutton not targeted by the militia. Jamie discovers this alarming piece of news when he receives Riggins’ prison records and sees Garrett listed as one of his former cellmates. Shocked, he can only mutter. “oh my God.”He needs to believe that God is with him as he plots his next move.

We’ll have to wait until next week to see what Jamie decides to do.

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