TOP 4 Types of Video to Use to Market Your Business| TOP 4 Types of Video to Use to Market Your Business

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TOP 4 Types Of Video to Market Your Business. Video content is the most engaging type of content.| TOP 4 Types of Video to Use to Market Your Business Video content is the most engaging form of content. 81% of companies are…

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How to use Video Marketing for Small Businesses | Marketing 360
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  10. Hi Erin ~ this is a good video marketing summary. I want to refer to it in a social media course that I teach but you do not have the CC (closed captioning) turned on (we have to make anything we refer to accessible to all). YouTube will make the cc automatically. Might you consider turning on the CC?

  11. 1. Storytelling — Telling your story when launching your business.
    2. Informational — Surface-base information explains the substance of your business.
    3. Demonstration — How-tos and tutorials.
    4. Testimonials — the proof that your ideas and projects are effective.

  12. I just found your channel yesterday and have already binge watched a ton of your videos. The information you give is so valuable, precise, and you break it down in a way that helps people like me easily integrate the concepts into their business. I just want to say THANK YOU for all that you offer on this channel.

  13. Awesome video!! I just stumbled onto your channel 🙂 I also make content about video marketing and content creation. Your tips are spot on!! 😀

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    I am shooting a video for a client Wednesday here in Austin, TX. I'm sending a link to your channel to my editor. I will check out the rest of your videos. Thanks for the great content! -Max, Good Dog Media.

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