Video Marketing for Real Estate Agents 2021

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Video Marketing for Real Estate Agents 2021

Video marketing is a great way to attract a lot of clients. Let me tell you about the best real estate agents.

TheFlixCapacitor YouTube Channel

GODZILLAVS KONG B.Roll & Outtakes (2021), Millie Bobby Brown
A tsunami evacuation pod for sale in Japan


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  1. 🥳 New FREE private training is coming! LIMITED TO 100 AGENTS! 👇🏼 Drop a comment if you want in 👇🏼
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  2. Another great video! Thank you, Mike! Would love the masterclass!

  3. Very helpful suggestions. One more great session.

  4. Very helpful suggestions. One more great session.

  5. Awesome Video! I'm IN for new Free Masterclass! 👊❤️

  6. Great info Mike! As important as video marketing is there’s such hesitation to post. It’s a battle of the mind to post content because we all fear judgement and feel vulnerable. But when we realize most of the things we worry about never come to fruition and vulnerability actually attracts more people to us, that’s where the magic happens! Looking forward to learning more about the Wolfpack and what it offers next month!

  7. Mike! Watching your channel constantly for your new guidance! I'm in your Social Media Marketing online training and it has been very helpful. Please sign me up for your 2021 free training! I can't get too much of the "Mike Sherrard mojo"! Thank you for your outstanding efforts to help agents!

  8. your audio is off on the video!!!

  9. Awesome content Mike! I’d love to be in on the new master class.

  10. is it just me or is this video's audio totally not in sync? IDK if it is just me but it is kind of ironic a video on how to make proper videos has an error this big.

  11. Yes, sign me up for the master class.I bought your program already.Also, I sent you DM and sent you an email… no response though

  12. "Hey Mike that's a great photo. You look cool this time, you look the same as you did in the last 60 photos." 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 made me snort coffee out my nose. Great video!

  13. Super helpful video- thank you! I’m just getting started and would love a link to the free masterclass please

  14. hey mike, another great video! thank you 😀

  15. i bought the social media bundle in january…. i think i need the masterclass too! am i too late?

  16. I’d like to access your video marketing master class. Thanks and Regards

  17. Please Mike send me a link to a free master training. Thanks for helping us. As always you crushing it with your video.